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Covid Cases in Telangana: In 12 days, Telangana’s active Covid cases jump five-fold | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: The number of active cases in the state saw a five-fold jump from 3,733 on January 1 to 18,300 on January 12, increasing the load on the healthcare system. While a majority of the cases are still under home isolation, call centres for online consultations are buzzing non-stop, especially with many doctors falling ill and unavailable for OP services.
As per latest details from the government hospitals in the state, out of the 239 Covid positive patients who visited the Gandhi Hospital in the last one week, 210 were advised home isolation, while the remaining were redirected to the Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (TIMS), Gachibowli. At the district hospital King Koti, all the 74 Covid positive patients were advised home isolation.
With 1,673 patients hospitalised, over 90% patients are under home isolation treatment.
However, even as statistics show that majority of the patients do not require hospitalization, the fact that an estimated 270 doctors in the city are already down with Covid-19, including those in government and corporate hospitals, has left many out patient services affected.
“This in turn is affecting the patients. In most hospitals in the city, doctors and even other staff are reluctant to attend services. During the first and second wave, over 1,000 doctors were lost to Covid-19 and now many are being cautious. Several are infected and therefore not available,” said Dr Prabhu Kumar Challagalli, senior physician and president Indian Medical Association, who is offering free consultation to Covid patients.
Challagalli added that in fact, many doctors are discouraging patients to come for out patient services and are instead prescribing treatment on whatsapp
The demand for online consultations has already seen a jump. “Home isolation care will be significant in this wave of the pandemic. Already we are seeing many calls for virtual consultations as it is easy to access even in the remotest corners of the state and saves the hassle of a hospital visit. Most people who are calling us do not want to visit the hospital,” said Mujtaba Hasan Askari from Helping Hand Foundation, which is arranging free doctor consultations for the needy.

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