Deployed required technical staff at all airports to certify aircraft before flight, airlines tell DGCA

NEW DELHI: Indian carriers on Thursday informed the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) that aircraft are now being checked and certified by properly-trained technical staff at all airports across the country. After analysing the spate of engineering-related occurrences in recent months, the regulator had on July 18 identified “improper identification of cause of a reported defect and non-availability of required certifying staff to cater to multiple scheduled arrivals and departures in a short interval” among the contributory factors for the same. It had ordered airlines to resolve these issues by July 28.
A DGCA official said on Thursday: “In order to address the shortfalls, a series of meetings were held with airlines (and they were directed to) make available required type-rated certifying staff at all stations (airports) for ensuring that the defects are properly rectified before the aircraft is released for operations. All airlines have informed that all stations have now been manned by type rated certifying staff by sending them on either ‘temporary posting’ or ‘on flight duty’.”
The regulator had, in a July 18 order, said its spot checks had revealed three major factors, with an increasing trend of financially strained releasing aircraft under minimum equipment list (MEL) being the third one. Under MEL, an aircraft is allowed to fly by allowing a non-critical component to be repaired or replaced within a certain time frame. The regulator had directed airlines to tackle these issues latest by July 28, failing which strict action will be taken.
The DGCA order issued on July 18 had said: “There have been reports of increased engineering related occurrences in scheduled airlines in recent times. In order to ensure that airlines are adhering to the laid down standards, DGCA has conducted several spot checks in the recent past…. airlines are resorting to frequent one-off authorisation to category A certifying staff at transit stations which is not in line with existing regulatory provisions.”
Based on these findings, the DGCA has directed that all aircraft at base and transit stations shall be released by certifying staff holding AME (aircraft maintenance engineer) Category B1 / B2 licence with appropriate authorisation by their organisation. “You (airlines) are therefore advised to position certifying staff ( AME Category B1 / B2 licence ) at all base and transit stations including availability of required tools and equipment . Alternatively , you may opt for sending the certifying staff on flight duties. Compliance with the above shall be ensured by July 28, 2022,” the order issued by deputy DG of the DGCA Tuhinanshu Sharma had said.

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