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ganesh: Hyderabad: Locals complain of loudspeakers in Ganesh processions | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Vexed with loudspeakers blaring through the night, courtesy Ganesh Utsav celebrations, residents from across Hyderabad are reaching out to the city police complaining about immersion processions being taken out during odd hours.
“@hydcitypolice… the Ganesha procession is playing ridiculously loud music at 2 am. It’s really difficult as I have a aged grandmother and a pregnant wife and it is affecting their sleep schedule,” tweeted Harish K, a resident of Musheerabad. Netizens also complained about DJs and drums being played at various pandals at high volume, adding to noise pollution. “@hydcitypolice people are playing drums since 4 pm and its almost 11.30 pm. I don’t know what’s the time permit for the Ganesh immersion. But this is too loud. Could you please check,” tweeted Rajendra Jena,of Sri Ram Nagar.
The Noise Pollution (Control and Regulation) Rules, 2000 states that loudspeakers cannot be used without obtaining written permission. The Telangana High Court too, in its recent order on immersion made of plaster of paris Ganesh idols, stated that the use of loudspeakers should not be permitted after 10 pm at pandals. However, many seem to be flouting this norm by using it unabashedly, especially during immersion processions.
“Hi @hydcitypolice @ghmc is there any restriction on non-stop noise from apartments taking out Ganesh processions at 10 in the night? Or are people supposed to accept this as normal and try to sleep regardless?,” tweeted Akhil Tandulwadikar, a resident of Ameerpet.
Police officials clarified that even though processions are allowed after 10 pm, use of loudspeakers isn’t as per court orders.

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