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MAA elections: All the members from Prakash Raj’s panel resign | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: More events unfolded in the Telugu film industry on Tuesday as all the 11 members of the Prakash Raj panel who got elected decided to quit from their positions in the Movie Artistes Association. These include eight executive committee members, one executive vice president, a joint secretary and a vice-president.
This was following Prakash Raj who lost as president to Manchu Vishnu in the elections held on October 10 announcing his resignation from the primary membership of MAA on Monday.
“We want to give a free-hand to Vishnu and his panel to fulfil all the promises they made. If our panel members are there, they might question some things that are happening which may not be in in the interest of the association. We do not want to be seen as an impediment,” actor Srikanth who had got elected as executive vice-president said.
Others who spoke said at atmosphere of fear has been created in MAA as they witnessed during the polling and counting. They said in such a scenario when tempers run high, there was scope for more friction. “There was rowdyism during the elections. One of our members was assaulted. We have taken a dignified decision not to be part of the elected body though MAA members showed immense trust in us and got 11 of us elected. It is in the overall interest of the members themselves that our elected members have decided to quit,” Prakash Raj said. He said there was also no transparency in the counting of votes.
Once again bringing to the fore the issue of local/non-local plank that the election was fought on by the Vishnu panel against him, Prakash Raj said he would withdraw his resignation from the primary membership of MAA on one condition. “Change the by-laws to stipulate that a non-Telugu should not contest the polls. That will become more clear to everyone that they cannot aspire to contest the polls if they belong to the association but are not Telugus,” he said.
Prakash Raj, however, made it clear that there was no proposal to float a rival association to MAA. “But let Vishnu know this. I will seek a report card every month on the progress of the promises that he made,” Prakash Raj said. The panel members said they would question the Vishnu-led panel which got elected by being outside the committee as they also had a responsibility because members had reposed their trust in them.

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