Meta’s Threads Could Soon Get DMs Using This Clever Implementation: All Details

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Last Updated: November 15, 2023, 12:52 IST

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Threads may get DMs using a mirrored Instagram inbox. (Image: News18)

Threads may get DMs using a mirrored Instagram inbox. (Image: News18)

Meta Threads could integrate Instagram’s inbox, and this would bring DM functionality to the platform, as Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has said.

When Meta’s X rival Threads first launched, it was missing a ton of features. But Meta has been working hard to add more features, and it’s slowly becoming a better rival to X. However, it still doesn’t have some core features, like the ability to DM anyone directly. That’s because Meta wasn’t planning to add DMs to it. But that could change soon, as Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri has revealed new details about the same.

Mosseri took to Threads to reply to The Platformer News’ Casey Newton. Mosseri, replying to Newton’s post, said that Meta could integrate Instagram’s inbox into the Threads app. This, of course, would enable direct messaging on it. However, he says there’s still a lot to do. The company has also launched the ability to DM an Instagram contact directly from Threads without switching the app, but Mosseri believes that the platform “still needs to make that easier, improve the receiving experience, and work through a more comprehensive set of messaging controls.”

Meanwhile, Mosseri also presented a list of issues going against the implementation. “If, in the end, we can’t make the Instagram inbox work for Threads, we’ll have a hard choice to make between (1) mirroring the Instagram inbox in Threads and dealing with notification routing weirdness, and (2) building a totally separate Threads inbox and dealing with the fact that you’ll have two redundant message threads with each of your friends with the same handles in two different apps. Neither seems great,” Mosseri explained.

Mosseri’s arguments do make sense, with Threads almost being an extension of Instagram of sorts and having mirrored notifications. However, Casey Newton of Platformer News points out that this issue could be resolved by providing a toggle that allows users to set their preference, giving them the option to choose between the two.

Threads is gradually adding features that users have requested. For instance, the app recently added the ability to edit posts for free, and now users can delete their Threads profile without having to delete their Instagram account altogether.


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