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SRK Struggling to Teach His Kid English Grammar is Every Desi Parent’s Nightmare

Shah Rukh Khan is India’s biggest celebrity and simultaneously a man of the masses. Back in 2010, when SRK struggled to teach his kid English, he happened to struggle spectacularly, so much so that he had to seek out the help of Twitter’s good citizens. In typical SRK self-deprecatory fashion, he wrote on Twitter back then, “kkkk stammer is better than grammar.” How did it all get onto Twitter? SRK tweeted about teaching his son phrases and clauses. Like most of us, he seemed to be in the dark about what a “predicate” is. In his words, it “sounds like a predator who ate something”.

In fact, SRK struggled so much that he went to bed exhausted, but not before asking Twitter for their help. He tweeted: “is there an easy way to learn or explain phrases or clauses. help me please…” At one point, he event went on to explain how this was all a British ploy and wanted to revolt against it.

Nobody should be surprised that SRK would rather be a learner of “emotions and dramatic pauses” rather than a poet who knows language and grammar. Recently, he announced the release date of Pathaan on Twitter and held an #AskSRK session for 10 minutes to thank the fans who hyped the announcement up and got it trending on the site. These sessions are a favourite among his fans and his quips and gentle teasing never fail to entertain them. Most fans were enthused by his comeback and asked him questions on Pathaan, why he was “late” in releasing it and when his other movies were coming out. One exchange with a fan, however, stood out from the rest because it was someone casually asking advice from the Bollywood superstar. Shah Rukh answered the fan with his on-brand wry humour. The fan tweeted at him, “sir padhai kaise karu acche se mann nahi lagta“. SRK replied, “Dimaag try kar shaayad work karega… Mann pyaar ke liye rakh”.

That aside, what the hell is a “predicate” anyway?

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