Wish to work until the ninth month of pregnancy like celebs? Here’s what to keep in mind

A lof celebrities — from Kareena Kapoor Khan to Anushka Sharma and Anita Hassanandani — worked until the very last moment during their pregnancy. Celebrity endorsement of a new work-life balance has motivated all new mothers to be active, said Dr Vaishali Joshi, senior obstetrician and gynaecologist at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, Mumbai.

While it is important for pregnant women to be active till the end, it’s also important to understand how much is advisable and helpful for the mother and child.

“By working during pregnancy, celebrities are setting a good example in our society. If you are mentally and physically fit and have the go-ahead signal from your doctor, then there is nothing wrong with working till the ninth month. I wouldn’t advise one to work until they go into labour, especially if you are first-time mothers, as you want to give yourself time and have a lot of factors to take into consideration before your delivery,” she remarked.


Being physically active helps if you want to go into natural labour or even have natural childbirth. Additionally, it also keeps you mentally active and fresh. If the mother is happy then the child is happy. A good environment creates a positive surrounding for a pregnant lady, stressed Dr Joshi.

Dr Joshi further said that pregnancy is a healthy state and hence, doesn’t mean that you should stop working when you are expecting. However, if you feel tired or are physically exhausted, then don’t push yourself. Be ready to say no and stop working if it is impacting your health. A good balance of everything is required and one should listen to their body.

Dr Joshi shared some important and easy-to-follow tips for moms-to-be who wish to work till the last month of pregnancy:

*Keep taking short interval breaks between work. Sitting or standing jobs for a long time can give a backache. It’s important to have short breaks in between.

*Look after your posture.

*Remember small frequent meals. Carry a munching bag with healthy and quick snacks. When people are working, they sometimes lose track of their eating schedule.

*Use footrest and keep your legs up.

*Drink a lot of water as hydration is also important.

*It’s important to discuss your job profile, commuting distance, comfort and mode of travelling to the workplace with your obstetrician

*It’s important to discuss your plans for maternity leave, eligibility and duration of maternity leave, work from home options with your HR well in advance.

Dr Joshi also explained that for some, it might be a good idea to have a few weeks for themselves ahead of the delivery. “Particularly, if it’s your second pregnancy, then you need to understand the psychology of your first child as well. You need to give time to your first child,” she said.

As for being active during pregnancy, Dr Joshi said that it’s important for everyone as people often have a sedentary lifestyle. “If there’s no physical activity, then there are problems related to obesity and other risks. Being active helps to increase your body’s cardiovascular function and builds your stamina, which will help during labour,” she explained.

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