Woman Passenger’s “Nasty” Act On A Flight Leaves Internet Furious

Internet agreed that the passengers actions were “nasty”.

A man was left stunned by a fellow passenger’s behaviour during a flight and people on social media agree. 

Paul Stothard was flying with Emirates when he spotted the woman resting her feet on the seat in front of her. He tweeted the image of the woman with a caption, “The person next to me on my flight”.

The picture showed the female passenger, wearing a pair of heavy boots, resting her feet on the headrest of the seat in front of her – just inches from another passenger’s head. 

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Mr Paul shared the image on June 27. His post soon went viral, with several social media users slamming the woman for her actions. They agreed that the passenger’s actions were “nasty” and “appalling”. 

One user wrote, “To be fair that’d make me so angry.” Another said, “Omg, good thing I’m not sitting beside her!” “Worrying lack of consideration for others,” added third. “If I was in front I would have sharply reclined my seat by now!” said fourth. 

Many were also shocked that the man in front of her didn’t complain, to which Mr Paul said that he remained asleep for the whole flight. When another asked if the aircrew said anything, Mr Paul responded saying that “nobody said a word”. 

Sadly, this is not the first time that a passenger has been slammed for their actions. Earlier this month, a video of a woman stepping over passengers to get to her window seat mid-flight sparked a discussion online on flight etiquette. The clip showed that woman climbing over other people to get to her window seat. 

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All three passengers were awake and presumable could have stood and moved to the aisle to make way for her. However, according to a social media post, the woman decided to hop over other passengers for the whole seven-hour flight. The incident had left the internet users furious. 

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